Forex Scalping Robot is the most complete and trusted robot package for MetaTrader4 on the market – join the community of winning traders!

Scalping Strategy

If you want to profit through scalping, the Forex Scalping Robot is for you.
It’s simply a winner for everyone.

Several FX Pairs

Our robot will only look for scalping opportunities, this can be on major and/or exotic pairs!

Get Started Immediately

Just install our expert advisor on your MetaTrader4 and start!


We are dedicated to our robot Forex Scalping Robot

Simply put, we thrive on making Forex Scalping Robot the most effective on the market.

After more than 8 years of public service programing culminating in a wealth of experience in the financial sector, we have finally developed a profitable MetaTrader4 Expert Advisor script with one of the most respected Forex educational and motivational resources in Asia and Europe. Since early 2013 he put together a small but successful Forex trade groups.

This closely held trade group specialized in an intimate method of engaging the forex market through a “scalping” trading strategy with a winning record. We have finalised our MetaTrader4 script which incorporates a winning scalping approach, that can now be yours!

With the success of the ‘forexscalpingrobot’ to the inception of ‘forexscalpingrobot.com’ and its associated offerings, the group is taking it to the next level with a marketing effort aimed at increasing availability to a greater number of traders, because, if we win, other traders can win too.
Our Forex Scalping Robot’s will get you profit!

Forex Scalping Robot is the most complete and trusted scalping robot on the market.

The Forex Scalping Robot Package

  • The complete System;
  • The Forex Scalping Robot package is for traders with all types of account balances;
  • Junior Expert Advisor for account balances worth approximately ~$2,000+
  • Micro Expert Advisor for account balances worth approximately ~$150+
  • Simple system which is adjustable for your use
  • Suitable for new and professional traders
  • Engineered and Developed by Forex Experts

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