The best 3 Forex Scalping Robots 2016

So you are looking for the best forex scalping robots in 2016. We had a look at various factors including affordability, durability, performance, pairs traded and risk.  Here is a list of our favourites:

1. Forex Scalping Robot v3.0

The cheapest of the top 3 at $249 wins the affordability test.
7 Day Trial wins the trial test ( ATS only on Demo Accounts )
Highest amount of Trades per Currency Pair
Step by step instruction manual.
Remote Installation for new traders.
90 Day Guarantee
Live Account Verified on Myfxbook
Out performed both other scalping bots in the test period.
The Forex Scalping Robot v3.0 wins the test as the best performing cheapest solution. The other robots also faired well but not as well as FSR 3.0

2. AlgoTradeSoft

Great scalping robot but very expensive coming in at $30000.00
Impressive volume management system based on likelihood of trade succeeding.
Free test on demo through MQL5
Live Account Verified on Myfxbook
Broker Sensitive because of the revolutionary time trailing stop loss.
High Profit Factor
Poor when slippage is added.
No Guarantee
AlgoTradeSoft’s Scalping Robot is a great piece of software for professionals. It is extremely effective and profitable under the right trading conditions. When conditions change however so does the performance. You need a professional ECN Account for this robot to work properly. If you have all this it is a great bot to go for.

3. Everex FX Scalping Robot

Well priced at $299
No Trial
Demo Account Verified on Myfxbook
Trades 2 Pairs : EURUSD and GBPUSD
Time trailing stop loss similar to ATS
Limited amount of Lots (7 per trade)
Scores very well under backtests and forward demo tests.
Long term profits.
Everex is a great scalping robot. We are surprised they do not have live trading data as we have had great results on a live account. One more pair than the other 2 bots and we must say it performs exceptionally well on GBPUSD. We are also surprised with the limited lot size, you have to pay more to trade more lots. All round very stable good forex scalping robot.

We hope you have enjoyed our comparison between these 3 forex robots. If you have the money we recommend you buy all 3. If you only have enough money for one we recommend buying FSR 3.0 – Happy Trading !