Forex Scalping Robot 8.0

So we are officially launching forex scalping robot 8.0 in February 2017. I still believe that forex scalping is nearly impossible in the long run when trading currencies manually. Automated forex scalping is the only way to scalp and the only way to trade for that matter. We have tested various forex trading strategies over the last 5 years and it has always proven to be scalpers who came out tops.

Forex Scalping Robot 8.0 – What is new?

We saw quite a volatile year last year. This can be seen when backtesting Forex Scalping Robot 3.0. Great start to the year and then, just to bring us back to earth, a miserable last quarter. Yes, we ended up in profit but that’s not what we are striving for. We want a consistent robot which has an amazing equity curve and we will achieve it. Although we are not after a massive amount of pips, we like to maximise the pip value and that is really where our profit comes from. We have had to make several changes to our forex scalping robot, so much so that we have jumped from ver 3.0 to ver 8.0 in a matter of 3 months. Here the new goodies :

Hunting Profit : The opposite of a Trailing Stop

Accelerated Trailing Stop : Tick Trailing with the option of acceleration beyond x pips.

Reverse Trades : Takes advantage of the pullback after a spike.

Market Recognition : Recognizes different market conditions and applies different parameter inputs.

The major issue with the artificial intelligence (market recognition)  is that it limits backtesting capability which is a must for many prospective clients. We will add this feature in ver 9.0 which will probably be released around June this year. We cannot wait for you to join our community of successful forex scalpers !

Download FSR today and start testing !